Different Uses of Internet In Ecommerce Businesses

The internet plays a significant role in our everyday lives. It is the most rapidly evolved and widely used technology in the world. As of right now, there are 4.66 billion users of the internet that is up to 60 percent of the whole global population.

The internet is used for everything, be it shopping or working. Businesses also use the internet for different purposes depending on the type of business it is and what sector it belongs to.


internet in ecommerce business

If you are a business owner, you are aware of the exponential benefits of having a good internet connection in your organization. It can help streamline your everyday activities and allow your company to grow.

E-commerce businesses use the internet in a slightly different manner than other types of businesses. Let’s shed some light on the uses of the internet in e-commerce businesses.


5 Uses of Internet in Ecommerce Businesses

E-commerce or an electronic commerce platform enables customers to view products online, decide if they want them, add them to the online cart and pay for them through the payment gateway. These platforms utilize the internet for various purposes, including:



Supply Chain Management

Many of the important supply chain management functions are performed using internet-based tools and software. This is significantly helped in reducing cost and making the entire process more efficient.

There is a constant shift in inventory when you are running a successful e-commerce business. The internet allows the people responsible for the procurement and supply of the inventory, reliably and quickly access specific information that they need to complete the exchange of goods and receive rapid payments.


Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce, also known as m-commerce is the use of handheld devices like smartphones and tablets to buy and sell products and make payments online. Mobile commerce is a part of the e-commerce business, where business transactions are done over the internet.

The introduction of different tools and applications has made it easier to make in-store purchases and many social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have also introduced the “Buy Now” options on their platforms, enabling the users to purchase products directly from the social media platform.


Internet Marketing

In order to increase awareness about your e-commerce platform among your target audience, you need to market it online.

Internet marketing or digital marketing is the process of marketing your products and services, platforms, or websites using different internet marketing tools like social media, email marketing, website content, and search engine marketing.


Electronic Data Interchange

EDI is the exchange of useful business information amongst different stakeholders in a business using a stranded electronic format. In e-commerce businesses, the use of EDI can optimize workflows by exchanging information about order processes electronically.


EDI uses industry-standard formats which adds uniformity in data transmission. It helps increase coordination and control over product shipment and delivery and reduces costs associated with procuring products and making payments.


Online Transaction Processing

Since e-commerce is an internet-based business where the products are sold online to the target audience, the buying and selling transactions take place online as well. The OLTP enables secure payment processes as it is password protected. The customer has to first register to place an order and make the payment.



The Internet is now a vital part of the corporate world. Any business, be it e-commerce or brick-and-mortar, needs the internet to stay relevant and grow in this rapidly changing, tech-oriented world.

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internet in ecommerce business

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