Who Is Your Most Influential Entrepreneur in 2021?

Who is your most if uh who's your most influential entrepreneur doing on this time period oh I almost said Giannini for sure of all time yeah yeah but he said he's doing this time period though um who's been making moves during this time period? 

Who Is Your Most Influential Entrepreneur in 2021?

Who Is Your Most Influential Entrepreneur?

Your most influential entrepreneur during this time period and we came to say Oprah because she's not really considered an entrepreneur is she Oprah. 

What's up what are you doing you're more like a social influencer no Oprah is definitely an entrepreneur but what is she doing right now um oh just out of her um her own network so did she do something new with her own because he said most influential and I think most influential. 

I'm thinking who's really moving a needle-moving people and changing culture sure but what is she doing right now um Meghan Markle i mean there's that yeah but running a network yes oh I mean I don't know. 

Influential Entrepreneur

I don't know what Oprah's I I would love to see Oprah do more but she definitely has changed she's changed her generation though oh legend I mean yeah legend there was one time what's the question again my most yeah influential yeah. 

Influential Entrepreneur

It says uh what um what who is the most influential entrepreneur during this time period not even yours but the most well whatever according to me who is the most um probably Elon yeah yeah I mean. 

He moved his company he's making big bets he's growing his net worth by crazy amounts I mean that's the first one that comes to mind yeah and right yeah he's like I say he's like the new Richard burns just my opinion. 

No there's a piece of it for sure but Branson would Branson, for example, would never do anything negative like he was a very diplomatic very always positive so likable i mean you is you even he's one of those kind of guys that you don't even have to know what he does you meet him in the airport you mean walking down the street or meet him in a cafe. 

You instantly like this guy just instantly he's got such an affection spirit he just you instantly liked this guy uh very humble right like Elon musk is not humble and that's fine that's part of his charm is like you like him for his abrasiveness and his confidence and uh not not caring would you consider Elon musk introvert uh. 


I don't know i heard some people say all right i could see it yeah he doesn't like Branson needs to be well Branson loved doing his publicity stunts and walking out with a model and doing well yeah grass is just amazing man yeah so they're different he's captivating captivated 

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