Micro Influencer Tips And Tricks - Beauty's Influencer Marketing Philosophies

So what are you're in terms of general philosophies I mean if you were to look at the data over the last uh several years uh elf I mean elf was really I think founded or not founded it should say before you got there. 

Micro Influencer Tips And Tricks - Beauty's Influencer Marketing Philosophies

They were very influencer-focused and it seemed to wane a little bit and I think you came back and the performance has just been super impressive over the last few years. 

Micro-Influencer Tips And Tricks

What do you think are some of the core philosophies that drove that rise in the rankings to where you guys are now so I think the first one that is very easy for me to think about is influencers are not KPIs. 

They're people yep and they're friends of your brand so really treating it like the relationship that it should be and these are our friends these are friends of our brand they advocate on our behalf. 

They love what we have to offer they we created something they want to be a part of so nurturing the relationship is really the most important part and I think you can measure the success of a brand by the depth of their relationships and one of the things that I'm sure you noticed with elf which is very different than a lot of the other brands is. 

We never played the mega influencer game so for us, it was never about going after the person who has the highest level of fame and you know the biggest number of followers. 

What we knew with the elf is this brand I like to say is of the people by the people for the people and for us it was a micro-influencer approach and one of the things that I saw early on that I thought was incredible when we were doing our beauty shape initiative which is our annual tent poll where we use our platform to rise up emerging influencers. 

Is they all wrote a sort of essay about their love affair without and what I kept seeing coming up over and over and over and over was when I couldn't enter into the beauty space because it was too expensive elf was there for me and when you think about the power of that everybody remembered their first experience for with elf because it opened the door to a world. 

Beauty's Influencer Marketing Philosophies

They couldn't otherwise have access to that's really powerful so that emotional connection to our brand and even if one day they graduated to a Lancome or you know a tom ford you know or whatever they may have traded up to at some point. 

Beauty's Influencer Marketing Philosophies

They still have elf brushes and they still have a love for the elf brand that they'll always come back to so I think. 

There's you have to understand what's special about your brand what's the draw what's the love affair what's that connection and then you have to nourish that and be honest with yourself about it because you want to be authentic and that's something that for us has always been that relationship back that generosity on both sides. 

Some brands treat influencers as a transaction mm-hmm that's not who we are or what we do so for example is that the right approach frankly right so yeah yeah no it's all right to keep going yeah no I mean I know. 

I think it it's always going to come back to the same place which is that fundamental relationship and making sure that you're constantly giving your community what it is that they want to see from your brand and that's another thing that I love about elf is we never created elf as this vision of something that you need to aspire to enter into which is what a lot of brands. 

Do we constantly iterate else to give our community more of what they want to see from us we let them determine what our superpowers are and then we lean into those superpowers, not the ones that we think are our strengths that we want to lean in on the ones? 


They think and so we're constantly having those dialogues with our community and with our influencer community.

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