Virtual Guides For Advertising Marketing - 2021 Best Marketing Tips

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Best Guides For Advertising Marketing In 2021

Best Guides For Advertising Marketing In 2021

Hey there welcome to another k-cup mini-episode of time for coffee by the way k-cups come in three sizes single double and triple shots or roughly one minute five minutes or ten minutes in length.

So if you don't have time to throw back an entire caffeinated career conversation these k-cup mini-episodes of t4c can give you a quick caffeinated fix whether you're on the go or you only have a few minutes.

To binge so grab your mug and take a chug cause it's time for a caffeinated career double shot k-cup with my guest Shanae moray so how did you go from marketing in an audio dealer to launching med snake.

Media which you did in December 2018 with your co-founders yeah so in that intermediary process I was actually offered double the money at the kind of like this tiny healthcare startup in fort Lauderdale.

And it was closer to my family and I had lived already by that point so I was like okay I took it and like Audi was fun but like being in a dealer it's heavy like male energy and it's kind of like hanging out.

With 20 brothers all day yup so I was just like I need something a little bit more chill and whatever so and I loved healthcare so I really just wanted to learn more about the healthcare space.

And bring my marketing expertise over there so I worked there a little bit learned about healthcare stuff like that and then that didn't go so well because that's when I was kind of given liv got sick.

And I was given that ultimatum by that boss so can you share that in case folks aren't familiar with that post that you've made yeah so my daughter got sick and she was in the hospital for about 12 days.

And around the 12th day, this boss was like hey basically like you're gonna come back to work or you're gonna lose your job and I was like well I'm staying with liv and then.

That's when I was like okay like I don't wanna just go do marketing and another job and drop live off 12 days 12 hours out of the day at daycare or whatever I want to be with her and.

So that's when I went all-in into freelance writing this was probably about six months before launching med snape and got a few freelance clients from LinkedIn but I wasn't posted yet in November of 2018.

I started posting and then that's when like I met my co-founder Courtney because she saw one of my videos and then a couple months later what we realized was that people in healthcare.

Advertising Marketing Strategy

Advertising Marketing Strategy

They want convenience and what was happening is they needed a vendor for website development for you know pr they needed a vendor for billing credentialing blah blah blah.

So I was like why don't we just and she kept referring people to me because once their billing was set up they needed patients to bill for so they kept asking her do you know anything about marketing.

So she just kept referring people to me and I was like okay there's obviously a need here let's like join forces and just be like a growth agency for healthcare facilities long-term nursing long-term.

Care facilities stuff like that and I researched and there wasn't really anything like it and we did great so we launched modeling media in January of 2019 officially that's when we filed.

The paper organizing and then went full into that it was great that reminds me of another story that another guest of mine whose episode hasn't launched yet his name is steve rimland.

He's a platinum-winning songwriter composer and when he was a little kid he's basically a music prodigy he lived in new haven Connecticut which is where yale is and.

So he got to have yale and they apparently have an amazing music school there yale professors teach him as a kid and one of his teachers said to him steve there are only 12 notes.


Yeah it's what you do with those notes that make it music it's true thanks for tuning in to this k-cup mini-episode of time for coffee if you want to listen to our entire caffeinated career conversation please check out the show notes for this episode thanks so much for listening to time for coffee where the professionals in the jobs that most interest you always have time to grab coffee 24 7 no matter

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