Tips And Tricks For How To Become The Best Enterpreneur -2021

 My favorite business tips from my 18 years as an entrepreneur mostly in pajamas no-no that's not 100 true but there's a lot of truth in that.

Virtual Tips To Become A Best EnterpreneurVirtual Tips To Become A Best Enterpreneur

Virtual Tips To Become The Best Entrepreneur

So I have created this segment to really encourage all those women out there whether you're a youtube creator or you have a business idea I'm really here to encourage those women who just don't think that they fit the image.

Or they don't think that they're good enough or they don't think they're ready or whatever it is that you don't think I'm here to encourage you to just have a go.

So I'm going to share with you all my tips to help you get on your way so that's why for this segment I'm in pajamas to show you that I'm going to meet you wherever you're at and help you feel confident to push through to do.

Whatever it is that you want to do but I know you're going to succeed and I'm about to tell you three reasons why I know that okay so let's talk about it, okay so I'm so excited about this.

I'm going I've written some notes so I have some notes here okay so reason number one that you're going to succeed is because I guess you've probably heard that what you think about the most becomes and I really believe that.

So I suspect that you are thinking about this thing that you want to achieve so if you're like me when you have a new business idea or you're excited about a new project or you've just launched your youtube channel and you're sort of excited to see where this is going to go.

You think about it all the time you daydream about it you research it you talk to people about it just not all people but the people that you trust you find like-minded people because you believe it's going to happen you want it to happen.

And you can picture it and I encourage that too I encourage you to daydream about where you want this to go as much as possible even though when we start a business it doesn't often end up perhaps where we thought it was going to because once you get going and once you get moving.

You tend to have to just go with the flow and it's not until you launch something it's not until you get started that you can actually see where it's going to go and make the required adjustments to get it.

To where you want it to be and sometimes the end result doesn't quite look like what you thought in the beginning but it will be equally as gorgeous you may not be sure what the next move is you.

May not be sure quite how you're going to do it but you know it's the right thing for you you daydream about it you research it you think about it constantly that's the one and that's why you'll succeed.

Because what it is that you think about the most what it is that you embrace the most will become so that's number one and I just encourage you to just keep on that path to keep doing those things that you're doing.

Because it will become your reality okay and number two is that you're here this title had something about I know you'll succeed and you're that person that wants to succeed so you've clicked on this video you're intrigued to see if the content in this video is going to help you to get where you want to go.

To so you've already made that decision you've already made the decision that you're going to succeed and you're out there doing everything you can find out more and make choices to ultimately get you to your goal .

Enterpreneur Tips And Stratagies

Enterpreneur Tips And Stratagies

And then in itself, it means that you're on your way that in itself means that you're one step closer to success the fact that you're here the fact that you believe in yourself to be here to be listening to this.

It's not just this I know that if you're watching this you'll be watching so many other things you'll be reading so many other things and you'll be absorbing everything because this is what you want and you will succeed.

Because you'll know the path to take whether that's following in the footsteps of someone that's done what it is that you want to do or getting yourself a mentor or surrounding yourself by people or groups of people that are doing what it is that you want to be doing you'll be successful.

Because you're here and you're fighting for it and number three is you are unique you will succeed because you are unique and there is only one you yes there might be many other people that do the thing that you do.

But there's only one person that does it your way and that's you now there's a whole bunch of people out there in the world that really want to learn just the way that you do.

I do really believe in you really believe in your uniqueness so I know you have what it takes but equally, it's important that you know that you have what it takes as well and finally you'll be successful.


because your thing whatever it is will be bigger than paying the bills whatever it is that you want to achieve the passion is bigger than paying the bills your big reason when you break it right down will come from a different place it'll come from something to do with your values something to do with your legacy something special so that is all my final advice to you today is in my pajamas and my entrepreneurial pajamas.

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