How To Start An Amazon FBA Business In 2021 - Digital Marketing Guides

Amazon fba in the different ways that it works and the different ways that you can make it work to your advantage in this video it's going to be a general overview.

Best Guides For Amazon FBA Marketing Business

Best Guides For Amazon FBA Marketing Business 

But it's going to be a step-by-step format so regardless of which direction you decide to go you have a format to follow to start building that business for yourself.

Before we even get into the steps you need to understand what amazon fba is amazon fba is fulfilled by amazon so Amazon has created a program.

This allows normal people just like myself to create a business on amazon so if you guys don't know which I'm sure you guys have heard this fact.

Because it's been thrown around like a million times the majority of the sales on amazon actually come from third-party sellers like myself a lot of people think that Amazon sells all the products on the platform.

But it's not the case whatsoever the majority of the sales on amazon are sold by regular people like myself and hopefully you after watching this video now that's a general overview of amazon fba.

But I'm gonna give you more details as the video goes on so we're gonna get into our steps step number one is you need to sign up for a seller central account you can go to seller central. or you can go to scroll all the way to the bottom where it says sell on amazon and sign up for a seller central account.

On there now you're going to have two options when it comes to signing up for a seller central account a professional account which is what I recommend everyone do.

Who's actually trying to make some money on the platform in an individual account which let me tell you right now completely useless don't know.

Tips And Tricks For Amazon FBA Marketing

Tips And Tricks For Amazon FBA Marketing

Why they offer it but those are your two options so the professional account is gonna cost you forty dollars per month with those forty dollars.

Amazon is going to help you out so much with your business you're gonna be able to send your inventory into amazon and they will store your inventory.

In their warehouse, they will also pick pack prep, and ship your items when a customer orders it they will also handle returns they will also handle customer service.

So they take a ton of the work from you there's still a lot of work left but they really really help you out for those forty dollars per month now with these four dollars per month.

That you're paying you can actually create a real business on the platform now whenever you sell a product on the platform amazon is going to take a fee.

Because they're not doing this out of the goodness of their heart 40 they give you a lot of help but there's still a fee you're gonna pay every time you sell a product.

Now the reason I bring that up is that there's also a free seller central account option which is the individual account which I said was useless because it is but the individual account.

Only allows you to sell 40 units per month you cannot sell more you cannot sell 41 you cannot sell 50 you can only sell 40 units per month and you're gonna pay those exact same fees.

That you would with the professional account but you're gonna pay all the same fees with an extra dollar per unit so because you're limited at 40 units you're still paying that subscription fee.

With none of the benefits okay you're not eligible for the buy box which means you're not gonna be getting nearly as many sales.

Because you realize you can't list that many items were completely useless if you're actually trying to make some money on the platform all right so now step number.


Two you're gonna choose which way you wanna sell on the platform there's not only one way to sell the platform which is what people thought for the longest time because everyone on youtube only sold one way which was private label but that isn't the case there are multiple different ways to sell the platform which is actually a great benefit for you because you might pursue one model and it might not work out might not really be what you're looking for so then you can switch to a different model that you might have more success with but you're going to choose which model you want to pursue to sell on the platform

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