Best Way To Become An Entrepreneur In 2021 - Best Tips

I'm having to make a lot of life decisions right now things that I didn't want to be making but also things that need to be done.

Easy Way To Become An Entrepreneur In 2021

Easy Way To Become An Entrepreneur In 2021

To get me to that next step and let me tell you I am incredibly excited about what comes next being an entrepreneur is something that I've always wanted to do and I'm going to be able to share that journey.


With you guys through youtube through video and I'm super excited to do it this is going to be an amazing journey it is not something that's going to happen overnight.

You know I'm still progressing my goal is still to become the best angler I can become and this is going to put me on that road this is going to allow me to jump the levels that I need to jump to get.

To where I want to go and it's going to be a really cool ride like it's I'm going to be doing things on youtube that no one is doing in the form that I'm doing.

If you know with that comes to some hard decisions right and I'm going to be going over a lot of these talking to you guys about the ins and outs the real ins and outs of this.

Because there are going to be huge financial constraints on me to make this jump um this jump is definitely going to involve full-time youtube it's something that I've dreamt about.

Um, you know whether or not this video comes out in a series talking about divorce because I'm going to talk about those things and I'm going to share my feelings on certain things.

But I don't know where this is going to come out so you know don't say sorry I'm not sorry I'm the one who filed I made that step I made that decision hard decision hardest decision of my life.

Thus far took years for me to get there so but don't say sorry because man what's coming next it just excites me beyond belief I can't even tell you how I'm excited I am for this.

So you see right there is my camper right I was so so happy to get that thing I've been wanting a new model of the camper for uh over a year now and finally got it and now I've decided.

I need to get rid of it guys so I've only had my camper since what November octo somewhere in there I used it once all the way down to Florida fantastic trip um but what I'm trying to do.

Best Enterprenur Stretegy

 Best Enterprenur Stretegy 

Is like I said is going to put a huge constraint on my finances I will be going more into that talking more about the finances what I'm doing in later videos still laying a lot of the groundwork to make this happen.

So it's one of those like I don't want to quite put it out there yet what I'm doing but it's going to be cool going to be really cool but along that comes hard decisions and this is a hard decision.

This was one that to be an entrepreneur I had to redefine my success right for someone like me I make a lot of money I make really good money um there are going to be people that make way more than me.

The people who make way low than me just make really good money I'm going to give that up to chase a dream and in order to give that up one of the main things I need to do is diminish my debt profile.

We're going to talk a lot about these kinds of things this is the type of stuff that I'm going to share with you guys you know this right here I've got about 10 000 inequity in that I'm going to lose some of that equity.

But I want to get this sold so I can move forward with some of these things's not an uh can I afford it I probably could be going forward but it's something that has been hindering me.

In order to make this transition the same with my truck, my truck and this are both a hindrance and allowing me to move forward so I became detached from these things.

I was like wait this is what's really holding me up I could probably do exactly what I want to do now because I've got plenty of money in the bank so I could do what I want to do now.

I just need to get rid of these lower debt profiles I mean as soon as I figured that out I was like they are gone and so I'm working right now I've gone got quotes on my truck.

I'm gonna get about fifty thousand dollars on my truck because they hold the value it's a diesel uh I don't drive it every day it's solely for hauling this rig I got a little beater ford focus.


That I put surrounding looking all cool you know so and that's what I use as a daily driver this is going to be interesting it's I can't tell you enough in the words are it's going to be huge it's going to be amazing it's going to be awesome it's going to be the best ever no one ever has done this but seriously I hope you enjoy the content and uh you know keep sticking around because there's gonna be more gonna take this over to dealer uh either put it on consignment.

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