10 Android Tips For Grtting The Most From Your Phone

Android is a highly strong and innovative mobile operating system that frequently outperforms Apple’s iOS in terms of support for new technology. However, all of those cutting-edge capabilities result in a complex, huge operating system.

The UI appears basic enough for casual users—those who just want to text, call, and use their apps—but there are several power-user settings and capabilities hidden a layer or two down in the interface.


Let us find out how to master Google’s mobile operating system. These are just a few of the ways you may use Google’s OS; there’s a long list of things to explore, and you’ll undoubtedly discover more.

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1. Remove unnecessary apps

The majority of Android phones come with a large number of preinstalled apps. Those apps maps, email, browser, and so on will be appreciated by almost everyone, but there will surely be some that you do not want.

Furthermore, phone manufacturers frequently add a slew of their apps that you may never use. Simply press and hold an app’s icon for a few seconds, then select the entry to get to the app’s detail page, where you can uninstall it.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to delete some stock apps. You can at the very least select Disable for certain apps, which will hide them from the user interface and free up system resources.


2. Take advantage of digital well-being features

Staying up all night messaging isn’t the healthiest thing you can do. The digital wellbeing feature in Android 11 includes a bedtime mode.

It not only silences your phone at a predetermined period, but it also turns the screen black and white in case you need to glance at it after hours. If you need extra time before retiring, select the pause option in the dropdown menu.


3. Use the web to install apps

One of the best features of Android over iOS is that you don’t have to hold your phone in your hand to install an app. You can remotely install any app or game by going to the Google Play store in your web browser, as long as you’re signed in to the same Google account as the phone.

When you go to install, you’ll get a list of your Android devices if you have more than one. It’s a terrific time saver if you find an app on your computer and don’t want to fiddle with your phone to get it on your phone.

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4. Download apps from other places

One of Android’s standout characteristics is that, unlike iOS, you’re not limited to using a single app store. The majority of customers will be able to locate any software they desire on Google’s Play store, which comes with some useful security features.

If you require something that isn’t there, nothing is stopping you from going to Amazon’s app store, your phone manufacturer’s app store, or even downloading and installing the software as an APK.

One thing to keep in mind if you go this route: make sure you download the program from a reputable source, as third-party app stores are the most common source of Android viruses.

First, do some research. Also, just in case, switch off the source’s install unknown apps feature after you’ve installed the app you want.


5. Customize message notifications

You can customize your message notifications in Android 11 to make certain contacts stand out more and keep conversations together. You can now have messages appear as bubbles on top of any other active programs.


6. Customize your home by adding widgets

With iOS 14 comes the option to add widgets to the home screen. For a long time, Android users have been able to accomplish this, but not everyone knows how. Simply long-press on the home screen, select Widgets, and then select from the list of options provided by any apps installed on the phone.

Long-pressing on the Home screen also provides you more customization options, such as eliminating the Google feed page from the left side of the screen or disabling screen rotation for the Home screen.


7. Boost storage

One of the biggest advantages of Android over iPhones is that some versions allow you to expand your storage capacity using a microSD card.

This not only expands the amount of media and apps you can store on your phone but also allows you to transmit vast amounts of data between your phone and other devices.

Another advantage is that you can browse the data on some Android phones by plugging them into an external USB storage drive. You may easily plug in a USB flash memory drive with a Type-C connection if your phone has a USB-C port.


8. Antivirus software

Android is more vulnerable to malware assaults than iOS because it is significantly more open than iOS. Although Google has several robust security features built-in, use an antivirus app on Android.

They make sure you’re not installing malicious programs and run malware scans regularly. They also prevent thieves from gaining access to your phone.


9. Make use of screen pins

If you need to pass your phone to someone else and don’t want them snooping about in other apps, pin the screen. You can enable this in the Security menu if it isn’t enabled by default.

To block them from switching apps, tap the app icon on any program in the multitasking interface and select “Pin.” Switching apps can be secured by needing your phone’s PIN.

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10. Establish guest access

You can give some person a little more access than what screen-pinning allows. To give someone access to your phone but not to your apps, data, or settings, or to send text messages, go to Settings and turn on the access for multiple users. You can enable the Add Users from the Lock Screen slider if you want.


Summing it up

In comparison to the iPhone, Android gives you a lot more control. In addition to using the above-mentioned tips, if you want to explore all features of Android you should hire a dedicated Android application developer. They can help you to develop your app and expand your business using it.


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